Sat, June 25, 2022


Government needs to create understanding among people on Covid-19: poll

A Suan Dusit poll has urged the government to accelerate the building of understanding and confidence among the people amid the Covid-19 crisis.

Pornpun Buathong, a researcher at Suan Dusit University, said the poll on “Thais and how to defeat of Covid-19”, surveyed 1,894 people from May 3-7.

The survey found that 41.55 per cent of the people thought they were in the normal group, while 22.18 per cent considered themselves high-risk group.

When following the news, people felt 46.04 per cent more anxious and stressed since the Covid-19 outbreak.

Thai people are feeling more anxious at this time partly due to news of the Covid-19 situation, including the slow response of the government. People have to rely on themselves whether it is wearing a mask, avoid going to high-risk places and wash hands often.

The poll results also found that only 45.24 per cent of the respondents believed that vaccination would protect against Covid-19, hence the government needed to build understanding and confidence in their citizens. Otherwise, defeating Covid-19 would be difficult, the poll said.

Published : May 09, 2021

By : The Nation