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TUESDAY, October 04, 2022
Online petition seeks Anutins exit as Public Health Minister over Covid-19 crisis

Online petition seeks Anutins exit as Public Health Minister over Covid-19 crisis

SUNDAY, April 25, 2021

An online group, "MorJaMaiThon" [Doctors can’t stand anymore], has launched a campaign demanding the resignation of Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul.

The campaign, "Call for Minister of Public Health to resign due to the failure to resolve the Covid-19 outbreak", was launched at midnight on Friday on

Within a few hours -- as of 9.30am on April 25 -- the campaign had drawn more than 45,000 supporters.

The campaigners stated that over the past one year, the Covid-19 outbreak had proved Anutin did not have enough capacity to control the spread of the virus through proper policy-making, resource management, vaccine procurement, or building confidence among medical personnel.

Citing interviews by Anutin, the group said it was clear that there was no proper vision to work in control of the main ministry, especially during the outbreaks that are out of control.

They cited Anutin dismissing the outbreak initially as, "It's just a common cold." And when medical personnel were infected, he said: "The doctors were not careful to avoid infection with Covid-19. They should be scolded," besides other faux pas in many more interviews.

"The public acknowledgement of all these failures prove that we cannot afford to squander our precious time and we must put an end to management that is not effective enough by requesting Anutin to resign and let those who have the ability to take the position at a time when the country is in a crisis," the campaign states.