Mon, June 27, 2022


Man arrested for setting own home on fire after wife leaves him

Udon Thani police arrested a man accused of burning down his house, after his mother reportedly allowed his wife to leave.


On Friday, Huai Luang Police Station was informed that a house in Muang district was on fire. Firefighters were called to the scene.


With help from locals, the firefighters were able to put out the fire in around 15 minutes. However, the house was thoroughly damaged.


The alleged perpetrator, Amnat Chathasena, 32, who used to live in the house with his mother, was caught by locals.


Amnat reportedly confessed to his crime before the police. He said he was angry that his mother had allowed his wife to leave the house.


The village chief, Manus Kaewsita, told police that Amnat had a history of narcotics consumption and allegedly always attacked his wife. “His wife left home when the man was in anger,” he added.


Published : April 17, 2021