Sun, June 26, 2022


Voters can now notify EC via electronic medium reason for not casting ballots

The Election Commission (EC) has allowed people to notify the EC via electronic channels of their inability to exercise their voting right in local elections, it was announced on the Royal Gazette website on Friday.

The announcement, signed by EC chairman Itthiporn Boonprakong, said that voters can go to or, or download the Smart Vote mobile application and notify the EC of the reason that prevented them from voting seven days before or after the election date.

The regulation, while aiming to help the voters and reduce unnecessary travel to the local election office, can be applied only for the election of members or executives of local administrative organisations.

Previously voters had to notify the EC in person or via mail within seven days before or after the election date.

According to the Local Election Act, people who did not vote and failed to give a plausible reason to the EC within seven days, would be barred from running for a member of the House of Representatives, senator, village headman, district chief, member or executive of local administrative organisation for up to two years.

Published : March 20, 2021