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MONDAY, December 05, 2022
How much does an hour in a cool room cost?

How much does an hour in a cool room cost?

MONDAY, March 15, 2021

The only way to survive Thailand’s sweltering heat is to either crank up the air-conditioner or have fans at full speed.


So, how much does this translate to in money?
Here is a rundown of how much you will spend per hour using the following appliances:


Air-conditioner (9,000-22,000 BTU): Bt2.5-Bt6


Pedestal fans (30-45-centimetre circumference): Bt0.15-Bt0.25


Air purifier (60 cubic metres): Bt0.09-Bt0.20


Double-door refrigerators (5.5-12.2 cubic feet in size): Bt0.30-Bt0.40


Oil-free fryers (2-7 litre capacity): Bt3.51-Bt6.44


Washing machines (10 kilos): Bt2-Bt8


LED TV (43-65 inches): Bt0.40-Bt1


Vacuum cleaners (1,400-2,000 watts): Bt6-Bt8
Irons (1,000-2,800 watts): Bt3.5 to Bt10