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Crouching tiger, fleeing monkeys: Chon Buri store owner hits back at hairy thieves

A former community president in Chon Buri's Sriracha district has discovered a way to repel wild monkeys that have been ransacking homes around Laem Chabang mountain.

The troupe of around 200 monkeys are famous for stealing food from inside people’s houses. However, one grocery has been safe from invasion for the past month.

Sanae Phoothong, a 70-year-old former Ban Laem Chabang community president, said on Friday he set up a cage covered by black canvas with a tiger doll inside on the food store's roof.

He uses a rope hoist to lift the tiger doll in and out of the cage to give the monkeys a fright.

"First, I tied a crocodile doll to the rope hoist, but the monkeys ripped it apart," he said.

He said he would propose his monkey-scaring idea to Laem Chabang city authorities.

Published : February 19, 2021

By : The Nation