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FRIDAY, September 30, 2022
TV celebrity in trouble over incredible ‘cure-all’ beauty supplement

TV celebrity in trouble over incredible ‘cure-all’ beauty supplement

TUESDAY, January 19, 2021
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The Consumer Protection Division will interrogate television celebrity Patcharasri “Karamare” Benjamach over complaints of falsely advertising food supplements.

Video clips of Patcharasri advertising a product called “Botera” were recently shared online. In the clip, she claims this supplement can sharpen the consumer’s features and even change the shape of their nose and eyelids.

In some clips she even claims the supplement can help people recover from Covid-19 and cancer.

In response to these incredible claims, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) filed a complaint on Monday with the Consumer Protection Division. The FDA is also seeking to have Patcharasri face charges of violating the Food Act’s Section 40, which prohibits false and deceptive advertising of the quality, usefulness or indications of a food supplement.

The violator faces up to three years in prison or a fine of up to Bt30,000 in this case.

The FDA also wants the celebrity to be charged for violating Section 41 of the Food Act, which states that “anyone wishing to advertise the qualities, usefulness or indication of food by radio, television, film, newspapers or other printed media – or by other means for business purposes – must submit sound, pictures or films or text of the advertisement to the authority for consideration, before receiving a permission to advertise”.

The violator faces a fine of up to Bt5,000.