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Man flees after allegedly shooting ex-wife and her father

A 40-year-old man shot his ex-wife and her father in Phitsanulok province, after reportedly failing to reconcile with the woman.

On Friday, Noen Maprang Police Station was informed at around 6pm that two persons had been shot at Ban Sam Rang flea market in Noen Maprang district.
Locals tried to revive the victims with cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
Duangchan Klinkratok, 36, was shot on her right rib and the back of her head. Her father, Prachub KlinKratok, 60, was shot on his arm and left collarbone. They were admitted to Noen Maprang Hospital.
The shooter was identified by witnesses as Suriyan Rodbanyang, 40, Duangchan’s ex-husband. He reportedly escaped the scene on his motorcycle after committing the alleged crime.
Suttha Klinkratok, a relative of the injured persons, told police that Duangchan owned a food stall in this market, and her father was in charge of bringing the food to his daughter.
Late in the afternoon, Suriyan rode his motorcycle to Duangchan’s stall and had a conversation with her. After that, he shot Duangchan and when the father tried to protect her, he was injured too.
Police added that Suriyan had been released from prison two years ago, and they believed that he wanted to reconcile with Duangchan. However, Duangchan refused to reconcile, so he shot her in anger.

Published : December 05, 2020