Sat, June 25, 2022


Father miraculously survives after ‘alcoholic’ son allegedly damages his skull with hoe

An “alcoholic” man, who attempted suicide before, severely wounded his father by allegedly hitting the back of the man’s head with a hoe in Nang Rong district, Buriram.

Locals there told reporters the man’s name was Samart, 39. He allegedly hit his father’s occipital bone (the main bone of the occiput – the back and lower part of the skull) with a hoe when the man was sleeping in a cradle installed in the house. 
Miraculously, the father, 61, did not die from the blow or the wound. 
On seeing what happened, relatives and locals intervened to stop Samart from going further and killing his father. He left the scene after allegedly committing the crime. 
The injured man was rushed to Nang Rong Hospital.
The locals revealed that Samart tried to kill himself before allegedly committing the crime. He had previously shouted “kill me please” and tried to hang himself from a big tree in house garden. However, the branch he was hanging from broke and he fell to the ground.
Police are now waiting for Samart’s father to file a complaint so they can take action against Samart.
Samart’s aunt Shin Nokeiang, 68, said Samart was an alcoholic but had not attacked anyone before. However, she now lives in fear that he will return and possibly attack other family members or neighbours. She wants the police to nab him as quickly as possible and send him for treatment to cure his alcohol addiction.

Published : November 04, 2020