Thu, June 30, 2022


Inmate who had escaped from Sakon Nakhon prison arrested

One of five inmates, who had broken out of Sawang Daen Din prison in Sakon Nakhon province, was arrested in Bueng Kan province after being on the run for over a month.

Police from Seka in Bueng Kan on Thursday (June 4) arrested Anont Lakkham, 42, at an abandoned hut in Thasa-ard subdistrict near the border between Bueng Kan and Sakon Nakhon. The inmate had escaped from the prison on May 1.
Anont is among the five inmates who had staged a daring escape after being transferred to a Covid-19 quarantine room. The prisoners reportedly climbed out through the ceiling of the room and made their way through tight passages in the building without being spotted by the guards. They then created a rope from canvas sheets and used it to climb over the perimeter wall, before fleeing.
Anont had previously been charged with possessing 283 tablets of amphetamine and 32 grams of methamphetamine. The other escapees were: Suriyan Suphanprasert (33), Watthanachai Phanphakdee (40), Phanuphong Khotchomphu (23), and Phattanaphong Kekhamsai (32). All five had been imprisoned on drug charges.

Published : June 05, 2020