Tue, June 28, 2022


Mall operator denies rumour of infected diners

Central Pattana, operator of the Central World shopping centre in Bangkok, has denied a rumour circulating online that a person or persons infected with the Covid-19 virus had recently dined at Chongjaroen, one of the restaurants in the mall.

In a statement issued on Thursday (March 12), the company said a restaurant manager had contacted an individual in a group of people recently confirmed to be infected – the same group rumoured to have dined there – and this individual insisted they had not visited Chongjaroen.
Central Pattana said Chongjaroen was nevertheless cleaned and sterilised on Wednesday night and would be closed on Thursday, just for the one day.
It said the entire Groove zone of the mall where the restaurant is located was also thoroughly cleaned and the process would be repeated, but other restaurants in the zone would be open for business as usual on Thursday.

Published : March 12, 2020