Tue, June 28, 2022


BCPG turning on the power in next five years

Energy firm BCPG is aiming for 10-15 per cent yearly growth in five years and investments in various projects with a combined value of at least Bt45 billion, Bundit Sapianchai, its president, said on Thursday (March 4).

“Our earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation [EBITA] will increase more than twofold thanks to a strategy of expanding, extending, enhancing and evaluating,” he said.
“And the increased earnings in the future could compensate for the rise in the cost of purchasing electricity.”
Bundit said EBITA would increase once a power plant in Japan begins commercial operations and an investment in a geothermal plant in Indonesia pays off.
BCPG has also invested in facilities in Laos and Vietnam and earns revenue from its digital energy business.
“Our success with hydroelectric power plants in Laos and selling electricity to Vietnam has given us experience in and a solid understanding of regional power plants,” Bundit said.
BCPG is building two power transmission lines in Laos, with the one in the north to carry electricity from a hydroelectric power plant to Vietnam.
It plans to expand in Cambodia and Myanmar and elsewhere in the Asia-Pacific region.
BCPG revenue in 2019 was Bt3.43 billion in EBITA profit and Bt2.96 billion in profit derived from associated companies.
Net profit was Bt1.801 billion and earnings per share Bt0.90.

Published : March 05, 2020