Tue, June 28, 2022


Thanathorn vows to continue fight for democracy outside Parliament

In a farewell message as leader of the now-dissolved Future Forward Party, posted a message of hope, exhorting the people and elected representatives to stay true to their mission of “fighting the dictatorship and bringing back democracy”.

“I believe we showed people that we made every effort to bravely challenge the injustice as we had promised to do.
“It was my honour to work with every debater who was very professional. The period of six months was so fun and full of challenges.
“Today, I cannot continue my journey with you, but I’ll watch your success from the distance without any interference.
“This is the most exciting political situation. This is the moment of dream and ambition. Today, students and people have sacrificed so much since they must lose a big part of their life, same as the representatives.
“They are ordinary people. They have no status or fame. Some of them argued with their friends. Some fight with their parents. Some have no income. Yet they all stood up for what they believed in.
“Therefore, just the loyalty of Future Forward MPs to the people is not enough. I have to ask my MP  friends to work harder, support the people and fight alongside them.” He told the representatives to not be chained up by their positions and instead use it to serve the people.
Thanathorn said he will work on political campaigns outside the House and fight the coup with the people as hard as he could. He promised to run campaigns for the people and said he hoped that “one day, when you become the government, you will use your power for our people to change Thailand, push a new boundary and make our dream come true”.
He said Thailand needed parties with vision, courage and brains. “To fight the dictatorship and bring back democracy, the representatives are important. It’s a job that no one can do but you (at least this time).
“Don’t give up on the best chance for democracy and changes. History has given it to you and if you don’t fight for it, how could you look in the eyes of our next generation.”
In parting, he urged people to “stay strong in justice and equality and believe in possibilities. The new world is in our hands”.

Published : March 01, 2020

By : The Nation