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TUESDAY, October 04, 2022
Community-based energy policies being encouraged in Northeast

Community-based energy policies being encouraged in Northeast

SATURDAY, February 15, 2020

Minister of Energy Sontirat Sontijirawong and the ministry’s board of directors went to Sakon Nakhon and nearby provinces in the Northeast on Friday (February 14) to hand over community-based energy policies to Provincial Energy Offices and authorities under the ministry for driving the grass roots economy.

Meanwhile, Provincial Energy Offices reported the progress of various energy projects.
Sontirat said the ministry’s policy to promote community-based power plants had received a good response from people.
“This project will benefit the grass roots economy because this project uses agricultural waste, such as rice stubble and corn cobs as fuel which in the past had to be burned and led to PM2.5 dust particles. Therefore, we would like the Provincial Energy Offices to consider this project,” he said.
“Community-based power plants will benefit people in all areas where power plants will work with the community to strengthen the community and live together in peace. We may establish a joint fund between the power plant and the community for effective community development in the future.”

Community-based energy policies being encouraged in Northeast
He expects the power purchase managing committee to consider the guidelines and conditions of the community-based project within February this year.
“We expect that the first lot of community-based power plants will be able to supply electricity to the system by the end of this year, while other power plants will construct and supply power to the system by the end of 2021,” he said.

Community-based energy policies being encouraged in Northeast
The Minister of Energy gave priority to energy projects to solve drought problems, emphasising that the project must be completed according to the contract for the benefit of communities.
“The core of community-based energy policy for driving the grass roots economy is all people can use energy to develop the economy in their community through various projects, such as community-based power plant, promotion of B10 biofuel as a standard fuel for transportation,” he said.
“Meanwhile, we will promote using energy crops in benzene oil, such as cassava and sugarcane to promote E20 biofuel as the country’s basic fuel.”