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WEDNESDAY, October 05, 2022
Doctor, teacher and Youtuber top dream jobs of Thai children

Doctor, teacher and Youtuber top dream jobs of Thai children

TUESDAY, January 07, 2020

Ahead of Children Day on Saturday (January 11), Adecco, a human resource company, revealed the findings of its survey on the platforms and figures that most inspired Generation Alpha, those born between 2010 to 2025, in the age smartphone and technologies. YouTube is the champion of influential media for children while Kaykai Salaider, 23-year old Youtuber, is the most beloved idol.

Adecco also revealed the findings of its latest "Dream Career of Thai Children" survey 2020, among 4,050 Thai children aged 7-14 years from all regions. It found Doctor, followed by teacher remained the most-aspired occupations of Thai children. 
Most of those wanting to become doctor reside in Bangkok, while teacher topped the list of those living in other provinces, reflecting different prespections ​​in diverse areas.
Among the most sought-after careers this year, "YouTuber" has climbed to third place, passing "Athletes" and "Soldier". Thai children think of YouTuber as a career that brings high income, freedom, and fame. Many thinks they have the skills and ability, inspired by their favourite YouTubers and game casters.

Kaykai leads the pack 

According to the survey, 93 per cent of Thai children use YouTube more than any other social media, followed by Facebook, LINE and Tik Tok, with YouTube being the media that most influenced the choice of a dream job. Over 48 per cent of the children chose a YouTuber as their favourite idol.
This year, the most beloved idol is "Kaykai Salaider", a 23-year-old girl with over 11 million followers in Thailand. Most children said Kaykai Salaider is cute, bright, polite while making informative and funny video. The 2nd most favourite is "BLACKPINK", a Korean girl group of the hit song "Kill This Love" with Lalisa ‘Lisa’ Manobalmost as the most favourite member of the group. 3rd place is "Zbing Z.", a female game caster, followed by Korean artist group "BTS" and "CGGG", the Free Fire online game caster.

Smartphone tops gift list 

When asked where to access knowledge outside of the classroom, more than 50 per cent said "the internet" through Google search, accessing various websites or watching YouTube on computers and smartphones, while another 25 per cent chose to read books or go to the library.
Smartphones led the list of gifts they wanted most on Children's Day, followed by computers", dolls, money and books. 
Tidarat Kanchanawat, Adecco's regional director, commented on the job survey saying that children aged 7-14 years can be divided into two generations, Gen Z and Gen Alpha.They grew up with technology and familiar with the use of smartphones, tablets, computers and the internet since childhood. 
Therefore, it was not surprising that an overview of the answers this year pointed to digital technology, such as a YouTube career. Almost half of the respondents chose a YouTuber as their favourite idol, reflecting the preference of children growing up in the era of digital games, communicating via social media, and search for knowledge on the internet. 
“They were born with opportunities to access technology and news. Mark McCrindle, demographer and social researcher, predicted that Gen Alpha or children under 10 years will be the best-educated generation and the smartest Gen to use the best technology compared to other Gen at the same age.” She said.
As for Gen Z, aged 26 and younger, foreign research reported that they will be a major force for organisations which account for 27 per cent of the total workforce in the next five years. Gen Z is likely to choose a career that is a part of driving and changing global society, both technology development and natural resource conservation, and also interested in being an entrepreneur and be self-employed. Their views on career choices are clearly different from the previous generations. 
Children of Gen Alpha will grow up in a world that is changing constantly. Many careers will be replaced by technology and artificial intelligence. There will be many more emerging professions as well. It is predicted that by 2025, 60 per cent of workers will be in a profession that does not currently exist.
“It is the duty of adults to develop a child's potential, especially life and social skills which cannot be replaced by robots, including instilling lifelong learning values and build on existing knowledge. New knowledge will be more important than a degree,"McCrindle said. 
Lifelong learning and adapting to changes will be the key to success for children growing up in a world of disruption.