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Future Forward spokeswoman ‘misquoted’ over charter criticism 

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The spokeswoman of the Future Forward Party said her recent criticism of the current 2017 Constitution was quoted out of context.

Future Forward spokeswoman Pannika Wanich on Monday responded to the leading party of the coalition, Phalang Pracharat, which had demanded she take responsibility for her attack on the charter.
On Monday, Deputy Prime Minister General Prawit Wongsuwan, chairman of Phalang Pracharat’s strategies committee, said Pannika must take responsibility for her words for saying that every article of the charter was “good for nothing”.
Phalang Pracharat deputy spokeswoman Thiphanun Sirichana said Pannika unfairly attacked the charter without reason to support her criticism. Thiphanun added such criticism caused confusion among the public who, he pointed out, had endorsed the 2017 charter in the referendum held on August 7 2016 and that her criticism was tantamount to rejection of the voices of the 16.8 million people who voted for the charter.
The Future Forward spokeswoman said she would definitely take responsibility for her words during a public discussion on the topic of “For Whom is This Constitution? New Constitution for All Thais”. However, she said she was quoted out of context because those who listened to her full speech during the seminar would understand that she was attacking the “unrighteous” process for drafting and enacting the charter.
Pannika explained that the charter was drafted and the referendum was held at a time when the junta used one of its orders to ban public gatherings by more than five persons.
She said the 21 members of the Constitution Drafting Commission were also appointed by the coup leader and they had no link to the people.

Published : September 16, 2019

By : The Nation