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7-Eleven staffer suffers bullet injuries tackling robber

A male staff member of a 7-Eleven store in Bangkok’s Phasi Charoen district was slightly injured when he tried to snatch the gun from a robber, who fled with Bt3,000 in cash early on Friday (August 9), police said.

The Phasi Charoen Police Station was alerted to the robbery at the convenience store in front of Phetkasem Soi 46 in Bang Wa subdistrict at 2.30am.
When police arrived at the scene, Suradej Jitna, 25, had already been rushed to the Phetkasem 2 Hospital. A bullet grazed his forehead and another his left groin.
Two female staff told police that they were standing at the counter, when a man, whose face was concealed by a full-size crash helmet, walked in with a gun in his hand and shouted at them to hand over the money.
He warned that he would count to five and start shooting if the staff failed to hand him the cash in time.
A female worker than pulled out four plastic tubes that contained Bt100 bank notes, each totalling Bt1,000, and handed them to the robber.
At the moment, Suradej, who had ended his night shift and was about to leave the shop, walked out from inside and rushed back to try and snatch the gun from the robber.
During the struggle, two bullets went off and hit Suradej who fell down while the robber ran out of the shop.
Before leaving, the robber fired two more shots into the shop. One bullet hit the cash counter and another a goods shelf.
The robber was seen riding the pillion of a waiting motorcycle that fled on Phetkasem Road.
During the escape, the robber accidentally dropped a cash tube of Bt1,000.

Published : August 09, 2019

By : The Nation