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Future Forward promises accountability of MPs

The Future Forward Party on Tuesday launched a project that promises accountability and transparency of its MPs and their work.

Future Forward secretary general Piyabutr Saengkanokkul and Sirikanya Tansakun, director of the policy division of the party, held a press conference to announce the Open FWP Project, which they said would establish a mechanism for the public to monitor and play a part in the work of the party and its MPs both inside and outside Parliament.
Piyabutr said the Future Forward wants to drive a range of national issues with public participation and drew up the project to allow the public to monitor the progress of various policies. 
Piyabutr described the project’s five key elements as follows:

1. Commitment. The party will carry out its missions to change the country through the 12 agendas to which the party committed during the election campaign and which helped the party to win 81 House seats and site in opposition.
2. Accountability. The Future Forward will be accountable to the voters who elected the party.
3. Encouragement. The Future Forward will encourage its members and MPs to work with continuity.
4. Transparency. The Future Forward will make its operations transparent so that the public can check its work at every step.
5. Participation. The party will promote public participation by checking how the party and its MPs have been working.
“We want the Future Forward to be a lively party and to be close to the people. We want the people to be able to monitor us at every step and we want our MPs to be enthusiastic and to have accountability to the people,” Piyabutr said.
Sirikanya told the press conference that the project has three tools:
1. A tool to allow the public to take part and monitor the works of Future Forward MPs more easily. This will summarize attendance at parliamentary meetings, absence, and debates of Future Forward MPs. It will also allow the public to monitor the progress of motions on various issues. Sirikanya said the party has so far submitted six motions to the House. This tool will also report the on-going works of each MP.
2. The new website https://www.futurecommunity.co/hc/th to report the party’s work outside Parliament as well as that of its MPs. The public can submit complaints on various issues to the party via the website. The tool will provide a tracking numbers for each complaint accepted thus allowing the people to monitor the complaint every step of the way. The website will show which MPs are working on which complaints, Sirikanya added.
3. A tool to report on the progress of the party’s implementation of the 12 polices. Although the Future Forward is in opposition, it will do its best to try to push for the implementation of the 12 policies, she said.

Published : July 31, 2019

By : The Nation