Tue, June 28, 2022


Waste removal approved in Sa Kaew, illegal dumpers closed down

The removal of a large amount of industrial waste in Sa Kaew province will take place on Tuesday following an investigation by police and approval by an environmental group.

A total of 20 trucks are expected to transport 300 tonnes of waste for disposal elsewhere in a few days’ time, while a police investigation is underway into alleged wrongdoing by village and township heads and/or local politicians.

Wang Nam Yen district chief Pratya Unphetwarakorn said the company that dumped the waste without permission had been closed for 30 days.

The transportation process will be conducted with every detail logged; for example, the weight of waste loaded on to each truck will be measured to prevent drivers from dumping it during their long trips.

The names of all the drivers and their registration plates have already been registered to prevent any possible foul play, while all the trucks beds carrying the waste must be covered by canvas.

Villagers living nearby the illegal dump site said that they were relieved the waste was being removed.
One woman said that the site was located near a natural water resource they have long relied on.

Published : July 15, 2019

By : The Nation