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MONDAY, September 26, 2022
Digital economy chief outlines goals

Digital economy chief outlines goals

THURSDAY, July 11, 2019
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The incoming Digital Economy and Society Minister, Buddhipongse Punakanta, said he plans to continue implementing Thailand's roadmap for digital transformation.

In an interview with Krungthep Turakit newspaper, Buddhipongse also said he would expand the number of pilot centres under the smart cities programme and push for the development of an organic law relating to the current digital laws.
Another priority in his sights is the promotion of the use of digital technology and Big Data by the industrial and service sectors.
Buddhipongse will soon meet with representatives of the state agencies under the ministry's aegis to present his policies and directions.
Coinciding with the incoming minister’s pledge to stick to the digital transformation path, a senior Cisco executive spoke of the technology giant’s wish that the new government maintain this mission.
Vatsun Thirapatarapong, managing director for Thailand of Cisco, said that the company wants to see the government make concrete plans for the provision of digital solutions in the quest for a digitally in tune government.
Vatsun has urged that the government promote investment in technology to support the shift to the provision of government services by digital channels.
Furthermore, Vatsun said the government should encourage the development of the human resources needed for the digital economy. In particular, the executive cited cybersecurity and networking. 
Another priority, Vatsun said, is the need to enforce regulations relating to information technology in order to increase efficiency and to support processes such as video conferencing and workplace transformation. Such moves would boost the competitiveness and productivity of the country as a whole.