Thu, August 18, 2022


Ikea and Thailand's Greyhound unveil collaboration

Ikea, in collaboration with the Thai fashion brand, Greyhound Original, has created the limited edition “Sammankoppla” collection, to be available worldwide from August next year.

The Swedish home furnishings retailer unveiled its collaboration with Greyhound Original to develop Sammankoppla, which means “unify” or “interconnect”. 
“We are so excited to see our Ikea product developers working with homegrown, Thai design talent,” said Lacia Sherlock of Ikea in Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines. “Thailand has watched Greyhound grow from a fashion label into a café and an edgy lifestyle brand. Now this creative team has developed products that will add a cool, industrial chic to be offered in our stores.”
Bhanu Inkawat, creative director of Greyhound Group, said he was stunned when Ikea first contacted him about a collaboration two years ago. “We didn’t expect that a global brand like Ikea would recognise us. There was no way that Ikea would approach us to do a collaboration together,” he said. 
Michael Nikolic, creative leader at Ikea in Sweden, said: “Small spaces and tight budgets are a common challenge all over the world, and still many people want to show their personalities at home through unique objects,” said Nikolic. 
He explained that he was curious to work with Greyhound Original because the brand has considerable experience in combining the expressive designs of fashion and street culture while reusing or repurposing materials in a creative and natural way.
The range of 25 products includes reversible rugs made from recycled plastic, a table and shelving rack inspired by scaffolding regularly seen in major developing cities, a multi-purpose LED lamp inspired by an adaptive Thai idea to revive disposed items, tableware, Thai style triangular-shaped cushions, and much more.

Published : June 13, 2019