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Police look to question husband, visitor over murder of woman

A 32-year-old Thai woman was found dead with multiple stab wounds in her rented room in Nong Bua Lamphu province on Sunday morning.

Police received the homicide report at 9am and rushed to the scene, one of two rented rooms of a local resident’s house in Ban Wang Muen Tai in Tambon Nong Bua, Muang district.

Police look to question husband, visitor over murder of woman

They found the body of Sakhon Nakhon native Kittiporn Sompan, 32, in her pajamas, lying in a pool of blood inside the room with 4-5 stab wounds in her neck and three more cuts on the left side of her chest. The medical examiner said the woman had died 8-12 hours before her body was found.
The murder motive remains under investigation. Police intended to seek information on the woman’s husband, who was about to move in to stay with her along with their nine-year-old son, and another man who was known to have visited her at the rented room many times, a police source at the Muang Nong Bua Lamphu Police Station said.
Landlady Thongnak Suriyasing, 74, said that Kittiporn had contacted her to rent the room since June 1 at Bt1,200 per month and asked to stay at the room first before paying the rent, which she allowed. During the initial period, an unnamed man who claimed to stay in Sri Boon Reung district often visited Kittiporn.

Police look to question husband, visitor over murder of woman

People assumed this man was the woman’s boyfriend and realised they were mistaken when another man from Ratchaburi province, introducing himself as the woman’s husband, showed up on Saturday morning along with a nine-year-old boy, bringing furniture and belongings to move in with Kittiporn. This man paid Bt500 to Thongnak as a partial rent payment, which prompted Thongnak to come and check on them again on Sunday morning in the hope of collecting the balance rent. When Thongnak’s knocks on the door went unanswered, she used a spare key to open the room and found the dead body.
The next-door tenant said she did not hear anything suspicious on Saturday night but another tenant said she had seen the Sri Boon Reung man leaving the house on a motorcycle at around 9.40pm on Saturday.

Published : June 09, 2019

By : Surachai Kruakham The Nation