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Phalang Pracharat seeking to form coalition govt

The Phalang Pracharat Party is prepared to form the next government, after claiming it has secured a mandate to rule from voters nationwide.

With 93 per cent of votes counted on Monday, the pro-junta party has a total of 7,939,937 votes nationwide while the Shinawatra-backed Pheu Thai trails in second with 7,423,361 votes. In this election, the total number of votes for each party – no matter whether its constituency candidates win or not – are combined to determine how many party-list MPs each party gets.
According to current calculations of the total number of seats – constituency and party-list – Pheu Thai has the highest number at 135 while Phalang Pracharat trails with 119.
“Our winning results [with the most votes nationwide] show that ‘silent’ voters added to our popularity among voters,” Phalang Pracharat Secretary-General Kobsak Pootrakool said on Monday.
He then admitted that his party had begun talking with other parties to form a coalition government. 
However, the party would wait for a clearer picture of the final result from the Election Commission before deciding its next move, he added.

Published : March 25, 2019

By : The Nation