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Chaturon 'hasn't been invited' yet to seek PM job

Chaturon Chaisang, a favourite candidate for prime minister of Thai Raksa Chart Party, said he has yet to be invited to be on his party's nomination list for the top position.

“I do not know [who will be in the PM’s list for his party] since I am not a party executive,” he replied when asked by reporters about his party’s nomination on Thursday.
Thai Raksa Chart, known as a sister party to Pheu Thai, was founded to avoid a "constitutional trap" designed by the regime to prevent any single party from dominating parliament.
“Previously, I understand that I would be one of the candidates but now it’s about to meet the deadline [of submitting the list to the Election Commission] no one [from party] has sent an invitation to me. So I think I may not have to give consent,” Chaturon, who left Pheu Thai Party to run for the Thai Raksa Chart, said.
Chaturon added that all decisions will depend on the party executive and they have yet to inform party members.
Political parties have until Friday to submit their nominations for the PM’s lists to the EC. Each party can submit no more than three names to be eligible to become the next prime minister.

Published : February 07, 2019

By : The Nation