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FRIDAY, September 30, 2022
Hitachi celebrates 50 years in Thailand with 'upgrade' campaign

Hitachi celebrates 50 years in Thailand with 'upgrade' campaign

TUESDAY, January 29, 2019
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Having been a global champion brand for over a century, and 50 years in Thailand, Hitachi still aims for a constant flow of innovations to ensure its premium home appliances are the right answer for households.

To mark its half-century in Thailand, Hitachi Sales Thailand has launched a “Hitachi: Upgrading Happiness” campaign, which invites local consumers to check out their latest innovations.
In 2019, those innovations often draw on advanced technology for its products and services as Hitachi customers seek “superior living”.
Senior executives have unveiled a new image for the brand.
Masanori Iwanaga, managing director at Hitachi Sales (Thailand), Ltd. said: “The home appliances market is facing more challenges due to changing consumer behaviour as well as the emergence of far more new marketing communication channels than in the past. As we face competition from all fronts, we must be committed to invent premium electrical appliances to fully address consumers’ demand.”
He added: “We have plotted an offensive plan for 2019 to further growth. Our key marketing strategy is aligned with the global campaign, ‘Hitachi Upgrade For Life’. Our campaign, ‘Hitachi: Upgrading Happiness’ is exclusively launched in Thailand, to inform consumers about the benefits and happiness that Hitachi-branded products can deliver, particularly when it concerns health. This is a very interesting trend."