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Facebook users locate lost dog after 24 days on the lam

Facebook users in Chiang Mai helped locate a dog 24 days after it was frightened by the sound of firecrackers on Loy Kratong night and ran away.

Facebook users locate lost dog after 24 days on the lam

Thanawat Jinawanit recounted on Tuesday how he and his aunt, Yaowamal Jinawanit, got the dog back from a temple in another tambon on Sunday after a Facebook user called him to report sighting the dog as seen on Thanawat’s Facebook wall.
Thanawat said he adopted a female dog, Poppaep, from an animal shelter in Chiang Mai’s San Patong district five years ago when it was two years old.
He said the dog had developed an attachment to his aunt over the past five years. But three months ago, his aunt had to make a foreign trip and the dog became sad.
Then when his aunt returned home on November 23, Poppaep became frightened by firecracker sounds and ran away from the house in Muang district.
Thanawat said he searched but failed to locate Poppaep and so posted her photo to his Facebook wall, and the post was widely shared.
On Sunday, a woman called to tell him Poppaep was spotted at Wat Jed Yod in tambon Chang Puak in Muang district, and so he went there with Yaowamal to find it.
Thanawat said his aunt shed her tears of joy after reconnecting with Poppaep.

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Published : December 18, 2018

By : The Nation