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SATURDAY, October 01, 2022
Elephant recaptured after killing handler in Mahasarakham

Elephant recaptured after killing handler in Mahasarakham

SATURDAY, November 17, 2018
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An elephant that fled after it kicked its handler to death in Mahasarakham on Friday night has been recaptured after being shot with a tranquiliser dart by a veterinarian.

The elephant, known as Samson, was among five pachyderms hired by the abbot of Wat Pa Wang Nam Yen to participate in a krathin merit making procession scheduled for Saturday.
But shortly after the five elephants arrived from Surin, Samson became tense and kicked its handler, Sao Salakham, 60, and fled.
Mahasarakham governor Kiartisak Chantha assembled a team of 50 troops and policemen to recapture the elephant with help from a veterinarian from the Surin Elephant Village, Pratthan Inthawong.
Pratthana shot the animal with five tranquiliser darts at 1am on Saturday and waited two hours for it to calm down before it could be herded to a truck to be sent back to Surin along with the four other pachyderms.
The temple cancelled the elephant procession following the tragic incident.