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Chaturon denies bid for Chachoengsao MP

Pheu Thai key leader Chaturon Chaisang on Wednesday rejected comments by his colleague that he would run for Chachoengsao MP under Pheu Thai.

But he remained silent on whether he would continue with Pheu Thai or move to its spinoff party, Thai Raksa Chart.
In a Facebook post on Wednesday night, Chaturon said his colleague Watana Muangsook may have misunderstood him in a conversation about him running for a lower house seat to represent his hometown of Chachoengsao in place of his younger sister.
"I talked to [Watana] over the phone and he asked which constituency I would run for if I had to, and if it would be Bangkok or Chachoengsao. I told him Bangkok was not my stronghold. Running for Chachoengsao would also be problematic because my sister already did," Chaturon wrote.
Previouisly, Watana had written on Facebook that Chaturon would not leave Pheu Thai and would run as a constituency MP instead.
Because of the new election method the former coalition leader's party is facing the threat of getting fewer Lower House seats. In the upcoming election, if Pheu Thai already wins a large number of constituencies, it might not have any seats left for list MPs.
A number of Pheu Thai's former list MPs have migrated to other parties, including Thai Raksa Chart, in the hope that the could still have a place in Parliament.
Chaturon is see to be among those that could leave Pheu Thai because of this threat.

Published : November 15, 2018

By : The Nation