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Pink Lady launches photo and video contest

Pink Lady, a leading apple brand in United Kingdom and Europe, has launched the #PinkLadyClicksTH campaign, a food photography and videography contest, in partnership with Tesco Lotus and Cititex Group, Thailand’s top fresh fruit importer.

The company said in a press release issued on Thursday that the campaign aims to raise brand awareness among consumers by targeting the new generation that use social media in their day to day lives.
With the launch of the campaign, Pink Lady aims to position itself as the number one apple brand in Thailand."
Ryan Au, Regional Brand Manager for Asia Pacific and India, Pink Lady, said: “Thailand is one of the biggest markets in Asia, importing over 180,000 tons of apples yearly. Since we started importing Pink Lady to Thailand, we have grown over 400 per cent within five years. In the past, our brand awareness has been measured at 58 per cent amongst consumers in Thailand. With the transition in marketing strategies from B2B to direct consumers, we hope to create a more emotional connection with consumers and in turn grow awareness to 65 per cent.”
“What makes Pink Lady different from other brands, apart from consistently delivering the freshest and tastiest apple in the market, is that we strive to be a part of the consumer’s lifestyle. Our target customers are those who is particular about the quality of product they purchased. 
“With the launch of #PinkLadyClicksTH food photography and videography contest, we are confident that participants will be able to experienced first-hand the Pink lady brand in conjunction with Pink Lady Food Photography of the Year in London,” Ryan Au said.
The conditions for participation in the #PinkLadyClicksTH contest is a simple post of any lifestyle food photo or video through social media with the hashtag #PinkLadyClicksTH. Content can consist of anything related to food and represents inspiring stories like a culinary trip, a favourite dish, or a skilful chef, for example, something that gives that ‘Always Wow’ feeling, which is the theme of the campaign. The winning prize is a trip to London’s Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2019.
Sithisak Chantamornwong, CEO of Cititex Group, sid: “The apple market in Thailand is one of the most competitive markets in fresh produce. Although there are many brand options, consumers still can’t separate one from another. With this, Cititex Group saw the market to make a difference and decided to join an exclusive partnership with Pink Lady, the apple brand that prioritizes quality of product and aims to connect with consumers in at a more personal level. With #PinkLadyClicksTH campaign, we believe that consumers will recognise the playful nature of Pink Lady, which will increase brand awareness as well as position the brand higher in the market.”
Gunn Vitidphapatumrong, Category Manager, Produce, Tesco Lotus, said: “Tesco Lotus always strives to bring customers the best quality fresh produce for an affordable price. As consumers grow more health conscious, they have started to pay more attention to where products are made, the quality standards they uphold, and the safety and production process. Since Pink Lady focuses so heavily on the quality of their product, it has proven to be a brand that meets Tesco Lotus' consumer needs. I am confident that the partnership between Tesco Lotus and Pink Lady for the #PinkLadyClicksTH campaign will add more fun to consumer shopping experience.”

Published : November 01, 2018

By : The Nation