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WEDNESDAY, October 05, 2022
Anger over restaurant's Facebook page ridiculing patrons

Anger over restaurant's Facebook page ridiculing patrons

FRIDAY, October 26, 2018

A popular khao man kai restaurant in Bangkok's Prachachuen area has come under a storm of Facebook anger after it secretly took photos of its patrons and posted them on its Facebook wall with insulting comments.

The Charoen Chai Kai Ton Prachachuen restaurant, was attempting to use its Facebook page to promote its business. The shop said it is now being run by a third generation married couple.
But the secretly-taken photos were met with distasteful comments from the couple's friends. For example, a photo showed a young patron feeding a spoonful of khao man kai (oily rice topped with boiled chicken) into his mouth. The post had the words "Is it delicious, patron?".
The same photo also showed the back of an overweight male patron, which brought comments from the shop owner's friends including "that's pig bottom".
The shop also posted a photo of a woman sitting with her legs wide apart, saying: "Apart from making loud noise and bad manner, she would not sit with legs closed".
Facebook users attacked the restaurant after a popular Facebook page, Yak Dung Diew Chad Hai V3 (If you want to be well-known, we'll provide it), reposted the restaurant's posts late on Thursday night.
The Yak Dung post drew over 3,900 reactions on Friday morning and was shared over 2,200 times while it received over 1,000 comments.
Most comments attacked the restaurant for violating the privacy of its patrons and urged all its patrons to boycott the restaurant.
The comments said there are many kao man kai restaurants in Bangkok and this one should be avoided.
Initially, the restaurant's Facebook page was deactivated and a woman with an account name of Rattiyakorn Prangthong, who is the wife and owner of the restaurant, issued an apology.
But the admin of the Yak Dung page told her to reactivate the page and issue an apology on her own page as that is where the patrons were insulted.
Late on Friday morning, Rattiyakorn issued an apology on the restaurant's Facebook page, saying she and her husband did it without intending to harm patrons.
She said she and her husband did not thoroughly think about the consequences.