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FRIDAY, September 30, 2022
Phoenix fails to rise

Phoenix fails to rise

FRIDAY, August 31, 2018
2.3 k

Attempts to recover the capsized Phoenix tour boat have failed again due to "uncontrollable circumstances".

Phoenix fails to rise

The Phuket Marine Office reports that divers attempted to place ropes around the boat and fasten them to larger orange ropes holding 200-litre floatation tanks.

Phoenix fails to rise
A large balloon-like device is being used to balance the boat in order to lift it from the floor of the Andaman Sea and prevent further damage to the vessel.
A spokesperson for the Marine Office said: “The operation underwater is very delicate and we’ve been struggling with wind, waves, currents and other uncontrollable factors. On some days divers' work is limited to an hour or two."

Phoenix fails to rise