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WEDNESDAY, October 05, 2022
‘High’ Myanmar worker damages house roofs in ninja-like flight

‘High’ Myanmar worker damages house roofs in ninja-like flight

THURSDAY, August 23, 2018

A Myanmar worker, allegedly high on meth, played the role of a ninja warrior on Wednesday night as he jumped from rooftop to rooftop at a housing estate in Samut Sakhon to flee police below –before his weight betrayed him.

The leaping suspect, Chay, 21, managed to keep ahead of police for half an hour before his final jump had him falling through the roof of a house and into a second-floor bedroom.
The movie-like scene was set in the Phetkasem Thani housing estate in Tambon Omnoi of Samut Sakhon’s Krathumban district and kicked off after the district police station was alerted at 10.30pm that a suspected thief was seen on a roof.
Arriving police saw a man standing on a roof and called to him to climb down. He instead began jumping from house to house, with each leap damaging roof tiles and causing tenants to come outside to see what was happening.
The man continued to jump for over half an hour before reaching a two-storey house where the roof collapsed under his weight as he leapt and caused him to fall through the roof and into a bedroom.
Fortunately, the female homeowner had left her bed and was in the bathroom when the man fell through. She ran out to open the door for police and nearby residents who had chased the man from below.
Police arrested the suspect and whisked him away to the police station, fearing he would be lynched by the gathering which now numbered some 200 angry residents. Police found 300 methamphetamine pills in his trouser pocket.
A local resident, Weera Kijnimit, 42, said a shirtless Myanmar man was seen sitting on a fence. When neighbours asked him what he was doing, he fled to the roof and so they called police for help.