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SUNDAY, September 25, 2022
You cannot leave university compound, police tell protesters

You cannot leave university compound, police tell protesters

TUESDAY, May 22, 2018
2.5 k

Police used a sound truck to order demonstrators in the Thammasat University compound to disperse immediately.

Police moved the sound truck to the front of the university at 8am to make the announcements, leading to verbal exchanges between the two sides.
Police said the demonstrators must end the rally immediately and that they would not be allowed to leave the university compound.
At 8.35am, police announced again via the sound truck that the Central Administrative Court had refused to issue a ruling allowing the demonstration to go on so the demonstrators must end their rally immediately.
Police said the demonstrators had sought approval to carry out a non-political rally but it turned out to be a political demonstration so the rally violated order No 3/2558 of the National Council for Peace and Order that prohibited demonstrations.
Police said the NCPO had already filed a complaint against the demonstrators for violating the order.