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FRIDAY, September 30, 2022
PM basks in reflected glory of popular period TV drama

PM basks in reflected glory of popular period TV drama

TUESDAY, April 03, 2018
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GLAMMED UP in silky sabais and archaic Thai costumes, the stars of the most talked-about television drama, “BuppeSanNivas” (Love Destiny), |yesterday visited Government House to promote the series which has registered the highest ratings of the digital era.

Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha welcomed them to his office as part of the Culture Ministry’s scheme to promote the production of “patriarchic” movies and dramas. These productions should promote Thailand’s three traditional key elements : the country, religion and the monarchy.
“BuppeSanNivas” is set during the reign of King Narai of the Ayutthaya Kingdom, which was three centuries before the Kingdom adopted the concept of the nation-state that now constitutes Thailand.
However, mainstream history recognises Ayutthaya as an historical form of Thailand. This is seeded in Thai classrooms for future generations and is part of the general awareness of the Thai people.
Hundreds of period films have been produced, while the Ayutthaya kings remain popular and are even worshipped.
Prayut went with the flow, calling “BuppeSanNivas” part of the Thai Niyom scheme hyped by his government to promote “Thainess” in all sectors.
Yesterday, a call was made under Prayut’s nickname, “Sai Trong Loong Tu”, as part of the Thai Niyom scheme to encourage people to pose their queries to the government.
While the government and the junta has already opened channels for the filing of questions, Sai Trong Loong Tu will be more engaging by using online and mobile platforms. Its nickname also gives the impression that these matters will eventually fall into Prayut’s hands.
Whether it was part of Thai Niyom or not, Prayut jokingly said that the second-lead actor, Parama Imanothai, would be beheaded if he wanted an election to be held soon.
“Tell me, which one of ‘or chao’ wants a faster election?” Prayut asked, calling the stars by Thai archaic form of “you”.
Nationwide heratthrob Tanawat Wattanaputi quickly threw his hero image away as he immediately pointed at Parama.
“I can wait, sir. I understand it has to follow the road map,” Parama quickly replied before asking to take a selfie with Prayut and asking him for a pardon.
Instead, Prayut ordered him to be lashed 10 times.
Time appeared to be frozen as everyone at Government House, from civil servants to reporters and fans flocked to get the best glimpse of their favourite stars.
They giggled and beamed as they walked around Government House in fancy traditional costumes.
Actress Ranee Campen looked sweet in her soft pink sabai while Kannarun Wongkhajonklai melted hearts simply with her smile.