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Abhisit’s nephew Parit voluntarily enlists in Army

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Former prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva’s nephew Parit Wacharasindhu on Tuesday voluntarily enlisted in the Army.

Military service is compulsory for all Thai men aged 20 and above who did not already take Reserve Officer Training during high school.
Parit, 26, who went to high school in England, had three options: to draw lots, to postpone his military service, or to apply voluntarily to be a draftee.
He decided to take the last option.
His voluntary enrolment also means he will only be trained for six months, while those taking the option to draw lots have to do two years of service.
After his training is completed later this year, Parit would be able to run in the general election currently set for February next year if he chose to do so.
The military draft was always a weak point for Parit’s uncle, ex-PM Abhisit, who was often attacked for his allegedly deliberate avoidance of the draft, with calls that this should have disqualified him from being prime minister.
It has been suggested that Parit may have enrolled in the Army to ensure he would not have to go through the same scandal as his uncle, after recently having been highlighted as a “new blood” of the Democrat Party.

Published : April 03, 2018

By : The Nation