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WEDNESDAY, October 05, 2022
Anger over 'bad manners' of foreign couple on train

Anger over 'bad manners' of foreign couple on train

WEDNESDAY, February 21, 2018

Many Lampang people became furious after seeing pictures of a foreign couple raising their feet over the head cushions of two seats aboard the Lampang-Chiang Mai train on Tuesday.

The photos were posted to a group of Lampang Facebook users at 10.23am on Tuesday. The Facebook user said the pictures were taken aboard the train that left Lampang at 10am.
“I have seen other people’s photos denouncing such bad manners and I did not expect to see such a thing with my own eyes,” the Facebook user said.
"Although we have different cultures, I think all countries teach their people to have good manners.”
Several Lampang Facebook users reacted angrily and called on train officials to reprimand tourists in such cases.
The Facebook user who posted the pictures said that the people who had been sitting in the two seats where the couple rested their feet had moved elsewhere.
He said train officials said nothing to the couple.