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Illegal immigrant arrested over alleged fake US bank note

A 29-year-old Nigerian, Chukwuemeka Anslem Njibigbo, has been arrested after exchanging a counterfeit $100 bank note at the Kasikorn Bank in Central Festival Phuket.

After receiving a report from the bank about the counterfeit note, police learned that the Nigerian man went to exchange the money on February 13 and returned to the bank again yesterday but had no counterfeit bank notes with him.
Njibigbo was not carrying a passport at the scene and tried to fight his way out of an arrest.
After an investigation and a search of his room in Rawai, police found that he had been charged over a drug-related case in 2010 and was deported in 2013.
However, there was no report about Njibigbo’s return to Thailand and police suspect that he travelled through Buri Ram province where the border connects with Cambodia.
Police could not find a passport at his room and the man was uncooperative during the investigation. Njibigbo has been charged will illegal immigration, while the investigation into the source of his fake note is continuing.
Source: https://www.phuketgazette.net/news/phuket/illegal-immigrant-arrested-fake-us-bank-notes

Published : February 19, 2018

By : Phuket Gazette