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WEDNESDAY, October 05, 2022
Court dismisses romance-scam charges against Nicha

Court dismisses romance-scam charges against Nicha

THURSDAY, January 18, 2018

A Court in the northern province of Tak on Thursday dismissed charges against a 24-year-old office employee after she was officially cleared of being involved in a high-profile romance scam that cheated social media users.

Nicha Kiatthanapaiboon said she would consult with her lawyer whether to ask for compensation as she was wrongfully jailed for three nights.
The Court in Tak had issued an arrest warrant against Nicha on a fraud charge after she failed to show up for earlier summonses. A woman complained to Tak police that she was lured into depositing money into a bank account under Nicha’s name.
When Nicha showed up at a Tak police station, she was arrested. Lacking bail money, she had to spend three nights in jail before being freed.
Police later discovered that a gang used her missing identity card to open bank accounts and lured victims to wire money into bank accounts under Nicha’s name. The national police chief on Wednesday announced that she was a victim, not a gang member.
Tak justice official Yongyuth Thammanittayangkul said that Nicha’s rights had been violated and she could therefore demand for compensation, including for reimbursement of lawyer fees, travel expenses and other costs.
Nicha told reporters that she was glad that the Court had dismissed the charge and released her.
“I now understand that police in Tak have done their duties and according to the laws. I wish to warn those who fell victims of this gang to alert police in their areas or alert the centre with expertise in the matter by texting 1155,” Nicha said.
She will consult with her lawyer regarding demanding compensation from the police department for having been wrongfully detained, Nicha said.
“My life has changed drastically during the time of the case as I have to fight for my own justice. This is new for me,” she said.