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Driver baffles passersby by changing tyre caught in wheel clamp, but still pays fine

Usually when drivers find their cars immobilised by wheel clamps in no-parking zones, they usually rush to the nearest police station to pay the fine and return to their the cars to wait for police remove the impediment.

However, the driver of a black Toyota sedan in Chon Buri’s Samet district instead came up with a novel solution.
The man, whose name was identified only as Thanabodi, returned to his vehicle to find a wheel clamp on one tyre and a ticket on his windshield. An accompanying message explained that his car had been parked illegally and instructed him to pay the fine at a police station to have the clamp taken off.
Thanabodi had different ideas. Removing the immobilised wheel, he replaced it with his spare tyre and was free to drive away.
One might think that such an act of civil disobedience might lead a driver to flee the scene, but Thanabodi again defied expectations and drove the car directly to the Samet Police Station and paid his fine.
Such behaviour, however, did not go unnoticed as a passerby notices Thanabodi circumventing the wheel clamp, took photos of the unusual act and posted them on Facebook, where they went viral and elicited humorous responses from many. 
Meanwhile, Pol Colonel Pisit Proeyrungroj, Chon Buri’s deputy police chief in charge of traffic, said Thanabodi’s action was technically illegal but that the intention was honestly to pay the fine, so possibly the driver had simply been trying to solve the problem and did not realise he was breaking the law.
There was no further information about when the unusual move occurred.
He also requested that other drivers telephone police at the phone number specified on the ticket if presented with a similar situation.
Bunjob Piemjai, 47, a witness at the scene, said he had assumed that the driver changing his tyre was just having regular vehicular problem. But when the driver left, leaving the tyre still encased in the wheel clamp, Bunjob said was surprised that was the first time he had seen such a creative – if illegal – solution to a common problem.

Published : September 14, 2017

By : Preewadi Wichaiprasit The Nation