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Wanted man surrenders to Fourth Army Region chief

A man wanted in connection with the robbery of pickup trucks, kidnappings and a murder on August 16 in Songkhla turned himself in to the Fourth Army Area commander on Friday.

Attanan Sa-ei, 36, surrendered to Lt General Piyawat Nakwanich at Na Thawi Temple in the southern province of Songkhla to hear the 10 charges against him.
He flatly rejected all the charges. 
He was sent to the Wang Phaya Military Camp for further interrogation.
Attanan, who allegedly had links to an insurgent cell operating in Na Thawi, was accused of being among the seven men who stole six pickups from the Wangto Car Centre in Na Thawi and took four employees hostage. 
The incident led to the death of hostage Saharat Laeni and the death of a suspect during a gunfight that ensued with authorities in Pattani.
Attanan was among the six men that the Na Thawi Court on Monday approved arrest warrants for. 
The other five suspects were Bukhori Lamsoh, 28, Rosari Lamsoh, 26, Sulaiman Samoh, 35, Sarisan-Hamri Deuramae, 35, and Abdulloh Madae, 34.

Published : August 25, 2017

By : Santiparp Ramasut The Nation