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Govt rejects BRN talks demands

THE BARISAN Revolusi Nasional Melayu Patani (BRN) separatist group is not involved in the ongoing process to establish “safety zones” in the deep South as the group had not participated in the peace talks, Thailand’s negotiating chief Aksara Kerdphol said yesterday.

Authorities will continue peace talks with the Majlis Amanah Rakyat Patani group, known as MARA Patani, which Thailand considered to be an umbrella organisation of separatists, including the BRN, he said.
“It is their internal problem and we have nothing to do with that,” Aksara told reporters when asked for his reaction to the BRN statement.
The BRN issued a statement on Monday reiterating its stance on peace talks and demanding an “impartial mediator” and international witnesses.
With Malaysia’s help, Thailand’s negotiators met with Mara Patani officially in 2015 but talks since then have not yielded results on the ground.
Violence in the predominantly Muslim deep South has killed more than 6,800 people since the insurgency resumed in 2004.
Observers have said MARA Patani does not represent the active insurgents, adding that the group has failed to implement moves agreed on curb the violence.
The BRN is considered to have real influence on militants in the deep South, so its refusal to participate in talks has had consequences for the violence and the difficulty establishing safety zones.
However, Aksara said the BRN was part of MARA Patani but some factions in the group might want to draw attention away from the peace process.


Published : April 11, 2017

By : The Nation