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TUESDAY, October 04, 2022
‘Check Gorn Share’ campaign launched to combat sharing of fake news on social media

‘Check Gorn Share’ campaign launched to combat sharing of fake news on social media

TUESDAY, April 04, 2017

Digital agencies and private organisations on Tuesday joined hands to launch as a tool for the Thai online community to check and verify facts before sharing information on social media.

The “Check Gorn Share” (Check before share) campaign is aimed at promoting analytical and critical thinking in the online community, as well as raising awareness of the societal damage caused by rash, irresponsible sharing of fake news.
The campaign is a collaboration between Rabbit’s Tale, Moonshot Digital and Creative Juice Bangkok, with support from private organisations including PTT, SCG, Siam Commercial Bank and the Thai Webmaster Association.
The move comes after the group realised that the spread of false or twisted information online could mislead the general public and cause them to incorrectly perceive a certain situation. 
Recognising the impacts, members of the network – each an expert in its own field – joined forces to design an instrument,, to set some ethical standards pertaining to the sharing of information on social media and to improve the quality of the online community. 
The website is simple to use. If anyone is not sure whether a piece of news they read is true or false, they can put a keyword or link in the search box, and the system will then verify the fact(s).
Sunard Thanasanaksorn, co-founder of Rabbit Digital Group, said the website had been created because they wanted it to be an instrument that elevates the quality of the Thai online community.
“It will encourage social-media users to utilise their technology in a more constructive and conscious way, while using their best judgment to fact-check the information they’re about to share. Eventually, they’ll help improve the whole online community,” he said.
Pongsuree Asanasen, chief executive officer of Creative Juice Bangkok, described “Check Gorn Share” as a cautionary tool for the Thai online community as well as a library, amassing and distributing many different fields of knowledge that will prove invaluable to society in the future.
Prasert Salinla-umpai, PTT executive vice president, Corporate Communications and Social Responsibility, said his company had developed a mobile application called PTT Insight to distribute reliable information pertaining to the energy sector. 
“Our staff as well as the general public can always verify any information regarding the energy business there”, he added.