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FRIDAY, October 07, 2022
Rally against Navy wife for hurting pregnant woman

Rally against Navy wife for hurting pregnant woman

TUESDAY, October 20, 2015

Over 20 people gathered outside Bank of Ayudhya headquarters in Bangkok's Yan Nawa district yesterday morning to protest against an assault on a pregnant woman.

The protesters, who held up signs that read “hurting pregnant women is unacceptable behaviour”, dispersed after two hours.
The rally was held in response to an incident on Tuesday in which the wife of a rear admiral allegedly kicked a four-month pregnant woman over a parking dispute in the Thong Lor area. The pregnant woman ended up having to go to hospital for treatment. The dispute allegedly began when the victim’s young son hit the Navy woman’s car with the door while getting out of his car.
One of the protesters, Pemika Thanalumlerskul, 32, who came with her year-old daughter, said the protestors were only using the bank’s headquarters as a venue and had no demands for the bank, adding that anybody who hurts a pregnant woman should be punished.