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Difference between UK, Myanmar

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Eric Bahrt says, “Those men are not anti-rape, they’re just anti-Muslim”. Yet again, he pursues his adventures in facile, perverse logic to libel JC Wilcox and I. 

I am sure JC is as horrified as I am at the atrocities against Rohingya Muslim women, but it is the particular circumstances of the UK scandal that have put it at the forefront of world news over the last two weeks. First is the scale of the atrocity.
In 2017, the UK police constable in charge of “Operation Hydrant” fighting the child rapists estimated that there had been 600,000 cases to date.
Analysis of actual prosecutions shows that 84 per cent of the rapists were from South and Central Asia, most of the rest from the African failed states of Eritrea, Sudan and Somalia, and almost all Muslim.
Second, the plight of the Rohingya and the rape of their women is undeniably atrocious. But here we are dealing with a geopolitical failure of responsibility and a displaced population trying to survive in a lawless no-man’s land.  There is absolutely no such excuse for the UK.
And it’s not just Muslims. There is a whistleblower, herself a child-abuse victim, whose testimony could bring down one of the main UK political parties, and she is being held in prison.
Nigel Pike

Published : June 05, 2018