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Safe UK landing is no surprise

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Re: “Yingluck granted 10-year UK visa, says BBC Thai website”, News, May 27.

So how come “the puppet” gets a visa with an outstanding arrest warrant against her, yet Julian Assange has to be holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy?
Maybe she arrived on a skiff from Dubai as an asylum seeker! 
What happened to the Interpol red notice? The Watchman must have been winding his collection!
Hmm, I think “the Puppeteer from Dubai” has worked his skulduggery!

I think it’s fair to say they had planned for this long ago and likely had a backup passport well in advance of her scarpering.

I would guess the British don’t recognise the charges the military brought against her after they over threw the elected government. Maybe she is a political refugee.

Prayut should embrace this. He could make use of her as a translator when he goes to meet May and Boris, enjoy a free tour of the best Thai restaurants in London and get the inside scoop on what you must have in order in case the need to make a hasty departure from Thailand arises.

There is no surprise here – there is lot wrong with the UK and a dysfunctional immigration policy is just one example.
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Published : May 30, 2018