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WEDNESDAY, December 07, 2022
Catalonia stands no chance against rise of EU army

Catalonia stands no chance against rise of EU army

TUESDAY, October 10, 2017

Re: “Only one mediator can save Spain from dismemberment”, Have Your Say, October 7.

Mr Martin’s pseudo-erudite political and economic history of Europe is quite irrelevant to the here and now, and his solution to the current crisis in Spain is ludicrous.
Jean Monnet’s European and Steel Community was just that. While it is referred to as the forerunner of the European Economic Community (EEC), it was quite irrelevant to the free-trade area which the UK signed up for in 1973 and ratified by referendum in 1975. However there was no mention at the time that the EEC was intended to become the anti-democratic, centrally controlled  European Super State known now as the European Union.  
Meanwhile, the long-defunct Western European Union was formed as a protection against communism. It excluded divided Germany. So at the present time it is only Nato that now includes the re-unified Germany that is relevant. The European Union’s intention to form its own army with its 28 member states is a totally different issue. The WEU included four individual sovereign nation states. The EU is a political bloc of 28 countries over which it has total control at a time when Nato provides security with the massive might of the US.
There is a considerable difference between a Spain under Franco and a Spain under the EU. They represent two forms of dictatorship: Franco was a fervent nationalist and violently anti-communist, while the EU is part of the globalist Marxist New World Order. Catalans, like the British, are nationalists who wish to decide their own future, free of ruthless dictatorship.
To suggest the pope can resolve the political issue in Spain is quite ludicrous. There remain suspicions among victims in Argentina that the pope appeased the military in their 1970s crackdown. He is a globalist who believes in the NWO. To clear any doubt of the pope’s political leanings, he denounced libertarianism as, “a self-ideal and it denies the value of the common good”. He also said he considers the political ideology of Islam to be a religion of peace. His senior executive, Cardinal Pell, is currently facing a court in Australia on charges of sexual assault of children. The pope heads a worldwide organisation immersed in questionable activity of a similar nature. The pope and the Roman Catholic Church are hardly qualified as arbiters of high moral standards or unbiased, apolitical standing.
JC Wilcox