Mon, July 04, 2022


Beach smoking ban just a trap for tourists

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Re:  “No ifs, no butts – beach smoking is banned”, The Nation, yesterday.

Replace the words  “cigarette butt” with “plastic bags/bottles” and maybe Thailand could do something about environmental pollution.
I don’t smoke, but I can imagine that an ordinary cigarette would disappear quite quickly as tobacco and paper are organic. Filters, on the other hand, may be more difficult to get rid of.
Also, I have noticed that most places that have deckchairs provide ashtrays for the customers.
Oh dear, how about a general clampdown on all types of littering. If I smoke anywhere I use an ashtray or a bin and that includes on a beach. If I have litter it goes in a bin. I am all for cleaning up and stopping people littering, but stopping people smoking on a beach adds absolutely nothing to this.
This is stupidity beyond belief.
It’s okay to bring tons of plastic bags, bottles, cutlery, etc, with you to the beach and just leave it all there after you’ve finished your picnic. That doesn’t cause any environmental damage at all and it makes the beaches look more “suwai”. 
This is an excellent step in the right direction, but it’s too easy to see it for what it really is. And Thailand, please enforce the existing laws against littering which plagues the nation.
This stinks somewhat of an “easy target” much in the same way as the Bt2,000 fines for dropping litter on Sukhumvit, which were levied against foreigners while a multitude of street vendors littered the streets, plugged up the drains with fat, etc, with impunity. 
It seems to me there is a hypocritical, holier-than-thou approach whereby quick revenue can be collected from tourists who have no idea that smoking on a beach is even considered given the obvious and blatant littering going on all around. 

Published : October 10, 2017