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LGBT tyranny now amounts to child abuse

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Parents … thinking of sending your children to a UK school?

Well think again – your little boy might return as a girl and your little girl might return as a boy. Or, like the Isle of Wight “Christian” school that hit the headlines three weeks ago, the child might dress as a girl one day and a boy the next. Welcome to the latest LGBT tyranny – “gender dysphoria” – a previously unheard-of mental illness inflicted on children by adults.
Cultural Marxists at the UK Department for Education (DfE) are enforcing “gender identity” education of prepubescent children. The inspectorate Ofsted says that schools with “cultural conservative or religious values must be exposed”, and has failed a North London school for “not teaching pupils about homosexuality or gender reassignment”. DfE outrageously applies what it calls a “British values test” whereby Christian, Jewish and rural schools have been identified as “failing in British values”.
As a Briton, I emphatically dissociate myself from any notion that the DfE’s so-called values are “British”; they are the diktats of a state institution that has been ravaged by the cancer of political correctness. What we are seeing here is a textbook example of Frankfurt School theory in action, specifically “the teaching of sex and homosexuality to children” – to indoctrinate the next generation and pave the way to the New World Order. For the avoidance of doubt, “British values” are the result of 2,000 years of Judaeo-Christian culture and tradition; they include rule of law, liberty, tolerance, freedom of expression, family based on marriage between a man and a woman, and exclude child abuse.
The DfE is aided and abetted by NGOs and charities. Educate & Celebrate helps schools “establish an LGBT+ inclusive curriculum to encourage children to challenge typical behaviours and gender stereotyping”. Its guidebook “Can I Tell You About Gender Diversity?” seeks to ban use of the term “boys and girls” and explains how children can go about “medical transitioning”, taking drugs to arrest puberty. The Good Schools Guide rates schools on how “transgender-friendly” they are. From GSG’s Bernadette John: “We hear that schools are causing transgender children undue stress and anxiety by refusing to allow them to use the name or pronoun they prefer, or to wear the uniform and use facilities for the gender they identify with.”
So children are taught that sex is not a truth but a matter of opinion. Bombarded 24/7 with relentless LGBT propaganda in the adult media, urged to declare their “gender identity”, take drugs and seek gender reassignment, the numbers of children who believe they are in the “wrong body” and become confused over which school toilet to use are rocketing. The Tavistock Gender Dysphoria Clinic reports an increase from a few hundred cases in 2010, to 1500 in 2016, a year in which the numbers doubled.
Critics of this egregious nonsense, including Christian leaders, have attracted abuse and even physical violence from the liberal fascists. The Rowe family, who took their child out of the Isle of Wight school in protest, were vilified in a humiliating interview on BBC TV. In February the Spanish NGO “Havte Oir” ran a publicity bus with the slogan “Boys have penises, girls have vaginas. Don’t be fooled”, which got the bus impounded and investigated for a “hate crime”. The Ontario provincial government introduced legislation a month ago that allows it to seize children from parents who don’t accept their child’s chosen “gender identity”. One beacon of hope in this grey sea of crime against children is the American College of Pediatricians which updated its unequivocal paper “Gender Ideology Harms Children” last month.
There are good schools in UK that have resisted the LGBT tyrants, where true British values are upheld, where XX and XY chromosomes define the child, and where sex education is delayed until puberty. How to find them? Consult the Good Schools Guide and DfE ratings... but start from the bottom of the lists, not the top.
Nigel Pike
Phang Nga

Published : October 06, 2017