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Grills go gourmet

Bar B Q Plaza moves upmarket with the opening of trendy eatery Space Q

WELL-KNOWN barbecue chain Bar B Q Plaza celebrates the arrival of 2019 with the launch of Space Q, a new and upgraded grill-style restaurant. Located in trendy Thonglor, it serves a selection of premium meats and an extensive choice of dishes and drinks all day from midday to midnight.
Located on the second floor of the Taste Thonglor community mall on Thonglor Soi 11, the open-plan interior is designed on a “social grill” concept to encourage interaction among diners. It can accommodate 80 guests and each table comes complete with two USB sockets to ensure customers can stay connected all the time. An open kitchen where guests can see the chefs at work adds a classy touch.

Grills go gourmet

 While maintaining its signature grillstyle offerings, Space Q – an upgraded edition of Bar B Q Plaza – provides more premium meat options and a wider range of dishes and drinks.

“Bar B Q Plaza’s customers living and working in the Sukhumvit area have long been asking us to open another outlet in addition to our existing two branches at Big C on Rama IV Road and Terminal 21 mall. They want a cosy atmosphere that encouraging lingering over a great meal and, most importantly, a greater variety of dishes,” says Boonyanuch Boonbumrungsub, executive vice-president of Bar B Q Plaza.
Keeping in mind the demands of diners who like to socialise, especially after work, take photos, and share their experiences on social media platforms, Boonyanuch and her team spent almost a year developing the Space Q brand.

Grills go gourmet

Space Q aims to be a get-together venue for social media-savvy customers and Bar B Q Plaza’s regular customers.

“The ‘Space’ in the name invites people to come and share quality time over meals while the ‘Q’ comes from Bar B Q Plaza and underlines the DIY grill concept that we have operated for the last three decades. The green neon light sign on the glass facade is a nod to the signature green logo of Bar B Q Plaza,” Boonyanuch adds.
Space Q is equipped with new electric BBQ grills boasting a removable shabu shabu pot in the middle section to enable diners to enjoy both BBQ and shabu shabu at the same time. In addition to a wide range of meats ideal for grilling, the menu has an extensive choices of salads, appetisers, rice and noodles as well as desserts guaranteed to delight customers of all ages.

Grills go gourmet

The new electric BBQ grill complete with a removable shabu shabu pot in its middle section.

The new smoke extractor system generates ozone particles to purify the air and get rid of smoky odours. Aprons and caps are also provided on request.
The presentation is designed to catch the eye and look good in those must-have snaps of dishes as they arrive at the table. Already popular for its photogenic as well as its appetising charm is the Volcano (Bt700 for beef, Bt590 pork), a stack of sliced meats stacked around dry ice that erupts like an active volcano with white smoke billowing out of the its “mouth”. Ideal for large groups, it features 30 slices of beef/pork loin and beef/pork fillets piled high and topped with special brown sauce called lava. 

Grills go gourmet

 Pork Volcano

Another speciality is the Truffle US Angus Beef Set (Bt630) featuring sliced US Angus chuck eye and rib eye served with parmesan cheese and truffle oil. To enhance the gourmet quotient, simply order the add-on fresh truffle shavings and pay an extra Bt150 for the set.

Grills go gourmet

 Truffle US Angus Beef Set

The most premium beef is A4 Hokkaido (Bt1,590) offering a marbled 150-gram Wagyu cut with very soft and tender texture. If you like beef with a soft yet chewy texture, try the Thai Wagyu Chunk (Bt520) instead. 

Grills go gourmet

A4 Hokkaido Beef

For pork lovers, the premium choice is Kurobuta Steak (Bt400) featuring a generous portion of pork neck, thick sticks of smoked bacon, pepper sausage, udon noodles and fresh vegetables.
Perfect for big groups is the Super Party Set (Bt1,060 for beef/Bt845 pork), which has 55 beef/pork slices and is served with French fries, wasabi flavoured diced tobiko, kimchi, taco wasabi, tiny crispy fried fish, roasted spicy mixed nuts and edamame beans.

Grills go gourmet

Super Party Pork Set 

Fans of Bar B Q Plaza will find the familiar Value Sets (Bt285 for beef/Bt255 pork) with slices of beef/pork, udon noodles, carrot and baby corn and Family Sets (Bt549/Bt529) with sliced pork/beef, marinated chicken, bacon, liver, river prawn, squid, sliced fish, and squid ball.
Space Q provides three kinds of dipping sauces including the signature Bar B Q Plaza sauce with refillable chilli and garlic, grill sauce and ponzu. 
For the shabu, two choices of broth are on offer – chicken and shoyu-based – and a range of a la carte dishes such as sea bass (Bt110), river prawn (Bt110) and squid ball (Bt75) and mushrooms like eryngii, shitake and black shimeji (Bt40 each).

Grills go gourmet

Spicy Gyoza

The refillable shredded fresh cabbage, a signature offering at Bar B Q Plaza, is not available here but the popular fried gyoza is and it’s presented with a twist –served with carbonara sauce (Bt170), spicy sauce (Bt140), and chilli and lime dressing (Bt140). 
Various choices of single rice and noodle dishes are also offered and perfect for a quick lunch. They include Grilled Pork on Rice (Bt150), Garlic Beef Steak on Rice (Bt170), Stir-fried Rice Vermicelli with Crispy Pork and Water Mimosa (Bt170) and Kimchi Udon (Bt150).

Grills go gourmet

 Lemon Lime Sorbet and Green Tea Ice Cream Parfait with Coffee Jelly

The desserts are also pleasing. Among them are Green Tea Ice Cream Parfait with Coffee Jelly (Bt130) and a selection of sorbets such as mixed berries, yuzu and lemon lime (Bt100 each).

Grills go gourmet

 Flavoured Chuhai 

And the drinks menu is designed to please offering everything from fruit-based soda, frappe and tea and coffee to craft beer, sake, umeshu (Japanese plum liquor), chuhai (Japanese alcoholic drink flavoured with lychee, melon or yuzu honey) and a Suntory highball with soda, water, or on the rocks.

Space Q is on the second floor of the Taste Thonglor community mall on Thonglor Soi 11 of Bangkok.
It is open daily from 11am to midnight.
Call (061) 384 2276

Published : January 04, 2019

By : Khetsirin Pholdhampalit The Nation Weekend