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4 for 4 for Thai sepak takraw team

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Thailand claimed the fourth gold medal from the Asian Games sepak takraw competition on Saturday after the women’s quadrant team ousted Vietnam 2-0 in the final round in Palembang.


Spearheaded by the highly experienced Payom Srihongsa and the powerful Masaya Duangsri, Thailand won in straight sets 21-8 21-10 to capture the 11th gold medal for the Kingdom in the 18th Games.

The sepak takraw team have won all events they entered including the men’s and women’s regu teams and the men’s team doubles.

4 for 4 for Thai sepak takraw team

Thailand have won 26 out of 39 gold medals from Asian Games sepak takraw competition.

For Payom, she has won five gold medals from four Asian Games (2002, 2010, 2014 and 2018).

Published : September 01, 2018

By : Lerpong Amsa-ngiam The Nation